A priestess hailing from the Kingdom of Sand, to the south.  With mysterious powers and secretive past, she supports the other adventurers in their travels.

Her style focuses on bullets that teleport directly to the opponent's position, having a number of attacks with long charge times and powerful effects.



The only daughter of the Black Dreadwyrm, and self-proclaimed Queen of the Kingdom of Stars.  With her fiery personality, she seeks to unify the monsters of the Great Circle to protect its treasures.

Her fighting style focuses on quick-moving bullets, testing her opponents with battlefield-spanning lasers.


The head magician serving the Queen of Frost.  After discovering a book describing a powerful treasure laying in the Great Circle, she called together an adventuring party to investigate.

Her movement is floaty, and the low spread on her attacks combined with the ability to summon large bullets directly over her opponent's head makes her suited for long-ranged battle.  She also has a wide variety of arcane status-effect magicks.


A monster that recently appeared in the Kingdom of Stars.  She happily follows her new queen's orders, protecting the kingdom from outsiders.

She has trouble walking, and thus rides around slowly on a flower.  Her attacks focus on a combination of non-moving flower bullets, and her butterfly thralls that attack the opponent of their own accord.


A knight serving the Queen of Frost.  In the past, she, along with a group of brave adventurers, saved the Kingdom of Frost from certain doom, and thus became known as it's hero.

Her forward and brash personality is reflected in her quick speed when unhindered, but when she attacks she stays firmly grounded.  Instead of an Offensive Special, she has a defensive dodge roll.


A young thief working secretly under the Crown of Frost.  At one time she was the enemy of the other adventurers, but now travels with them.

With her delayed knives, elongated arrow shots, and ability to become invisible, she proves to be a tricky foe to combat against.

A long time friend and subject of the Dreadwyrm Heir, and a monster resident of the Kingdom of Stars.  She dislikes fighting, but reluctantly follows orders.


She moves and attacks very slowly, but each attack carries a heavy punch.  With whirlpools and watery hydra heads, her spells will quickly fill up the battlefield.



An unknown chimeric fusion of creatures who wields the power of lightning.  She is fast, reckless, powerful, and frightening... a monster through and through, she revels in chaos and destruction.

She approaches opponents with blinding speed and beguiling doppelgangers, and strikes them with shocking attacks.

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